About Us

We are a Massachusetts licensed basic firearms training company based in Northborough, Massachusetts. We have been licensed since 2006 training well over a 2000 students in seven teaching locations throughout the state. Our first classes started in Northborough after comments from our students having friends and family who would take this course if it was closer to home we entered in to agreement for room space in six additional locations.

We are fully insured specializing in firearms safety for first time LTC applicants in accordance with M.G.L chapter 140, section 131P. The course teaches the basic knowledge necessary to possess, transport, use, and store handguns, Rifles, and shotguns in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This certified class LTC-001 authored by police Chief Ron Glidden and sponsored by the Mass Association of Chiefs of Police. Class focuses on the Massachusetts Firearms law and covers Storage, Transportation and safe handling of handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns Non-lethal personal protection, options and surrounding are awareness have been added.