FID Card Ma – Requirements for the Application of the LTC and FID Card Ma

FID card Ma is issued to any residents that wish to own or carry a firearm. However, this license is different from the LTC Ma. The FID is issued to persons below the age of 21 whereas for you to get the LTC you have to be above the age of 21. Whether you plan on applying for an FID or LTC, there are certain requirements you are required to satisfy.

When it comes to the FID card Massachusetts, all applicants are required to be above the age of 15. The applicant is also required to complete an approved Massachusetts gun safety course. The purpose of the course is to enlighten you on the gun laws, to teach you how to handle a firearm as well as how to use it in self-defense. These courses are offered by both private companies and the local police departments. Private companies are known to offer more comprehensive courses which include self-defense. If you are interested in the LTC Ma, you are also required to complete recognized gun safety courses Ma. As aforementioned, applicants have to be over the age of 21 to qualify for this license.

The gun license Ma is not only available to the residents of Massachusetts. The U.S. citizens as well as permanent resident aliens (that is the holders of a green card) are also eligible. For the non-residents, special provisions are available. You are required to start by applying for the resident alien permit to possess a rifle or shotgun. This is done through the Firearms Records Bureau (FRB). All non-residents have to obtain the non-resident, temporary license to carry in order for them to carry or possess a firearm. There are, however, some exceptions that exist that can allow some non-residents to possess shotguns and rifles without the gun license Ma.

Another thing that is considered before the issuance of a license of FID cad Ma is the mental health of the applicant. If you have ever been committed in an institution for mental health, you will not be eligible for the gun license. This is until you provide a letter from your doctor which states that the condition no longer affects you. The case is the same for people who have been committed in an institution for addiction problems.

Your criminal record will also be looked at. Persons who have ever been convicted of a crime punishable by a period of more than two years in prison should consult an attorney before applying for the LTC Ma. An attorney will help review your options. If you have ever been involved in a crime that involves the illegal distribution, possession or sale of firearms or ammunition, you will also be eligible for the LTC.

The above are just some of the key requirements you are required to satisfy when applying for the gun license Ma. An applicant is required to submit the application forms in person; pay an application fee of $100 for either of the licenses and allow for his/her fingerprints to be taken.

FID card Ma