FID Card Massachusetts – How to Prepare Your Child for the Firing Range and Gun Safety Course

FID card Massachusetts is given to applicants below the age of 21 but above the age of 15. The applicant is first required to complete a Massachusetts gun safety course. They must also have parental permission when applying for this gun license Ma. If you are thinking of allowing your child to apply for the FID, there are a couple of things you need to do before enrolling him in a gun safety course or taking him to a firing range. Below are some of the things you need to educate your child on about handling guns.

Safe directions
A gun is a very lethal weapon. Once fired, there is no telling what kind of damage the bullet will cause. That is why the first lesson even before enrolling your child in gun safety courses Newton should be pointing the gun in a safe direction. Kids need to be taught to train the gun in a safe direction regardless of whether it is loaded or not. The safest directions are towards the ground and upwards. Indoors, they must understand that the bullet can go through walls, doors, ceiling, floors and windows. The rule of thumb here is to never point the gun at anything they are not willing to destroy.

Finger off the trigger
This is a safety tip that is expressed extensively in gun safety courses Ma. Unless you are ready to fire, the finger must always stay away from the trigger. Many people have the tendency of placing their finger on the trigger even when they are not aiming at anything. This is a habit that must be eradicated in kids. Discharging the gun accidentally will cost your child more than just his or her FID card Ma.

Always keep the gun unloaded
Educating your child on pointing the gun in a safe direction and keeping the finger off the trigger is not enough. There is a lot more that he needs to learn. Don’t trust him yet with a loaded gun. The gun must always be kept unloaded until he is ready to shoot. The magazine has to be removed before the action is opened. Teach your child how to unload and load the gun safely. This will also be taught in gun safety courses Ma.

Know who is beyond the target
A bullet will not always stop in the primary target. It can move through the target and hit something eyes behind it. This is why kids must be taught to always check what is behind their target prior to firing.

Correct ammunition
Ammunition is not a toy. The shells and cartridges usually contain chemicals which are what offer propulsion. Bullets must be given the same safety attention as the gun.

Safety gear
Last but not least, your kid must wear eye and ear protection. The loud noise can lead to hearing damage. Hot gases and debris that are emitted by guns can also cause eye injury.

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