Gun License Ma – How to Apply for a Gun License Ma

Gun license Ma is a requirement for anyone who wishes to carry or possess firearms in Massachusetts. Although every resident is permitted by law to apply for the license, not everyone who submits the application qualifies. This article takes a look at the key steps you need to take when making the application.

Contact the local police department
The decision on whether to approve or deny the application of an FID card or LTC Ma rests with the chief of police. With that in mind, the first thing you should do prior to starting the application process is to visit the local police department. Here, you will get all the information you need to apply for the license. You will also be able to get the application forms from here. It is also good to ask for the best trainer for Massachusetts gun safety course.

Complete a recognized gun safety course
The Massachusetts laws state that anyone who wishes to apply for an LTC/FID Card Massachusetts must first complete a recognized gun safety course. The gun safety courses Newton are offered by both the local police and private companies. You only need to set aside a few hours for the course. At the end, you will get a gun safety certificate which you are required to submit with your application for the LTC or FID card. Failure to present the gun safety certificate with your application will lead to automatic disqualification.

Fill the form accurately
The important point you need to remember when filling the application forms is that you are doing so under oath. Giving false information can lead to prosecution. You also need to indicate if you are applying for a new gun license Ma or a renewal. Every applicant is also required to indicate if they are applying for the FID card or LTC Ma. For the non-residents, you are required to apply for the non-resident license to carry firearms or the resident alien permit. This is done through the Firearms Records Bureau.

There is an application fee that you have to pay when applying for the gun license. The fee is $100 for both the resident and non-resident permits. The local police department will give you information on how to pay the fee. It is also good to note that the fee is still the same whether you are applying for the FID card or the LTC Ma.

Submitting an application is just the first step. You will not automatically qualify for the license even after completing the gun safety courses Ma with flying colors. There are many other considerations that are made to determine the suitability of an applicant. They include your criminal record and your mental state.

Gun license Ma