Gun Rules to Use Together With What You Learn in Gun Safety Courses in Fitchburg

Gun safety courses in Fitchburg can only teach you so much. This is particularly so when considering the fact that most trainers are only interested in helping you qualify for the gun license. This means you will only learn the basics. Most of the courses will not be longer than four hours. This tells you that you will not have a lot of time to learn everything you need to know about guns. The purpose of this article is to help you learn more tips on gun safety.

Store the firearm unloaded
The first rule of gun safety is to only load it when you want to use it in a target range or shooting area. When you are not using the gun, you have to unload it. The firearm and the ammunition need to be secured in a safe place and separate from each other. The gun needs to be unloaded as soon as you are done using it. You must always visually check the chamber, the receiver and the magazine to make sure that the gun does not contain any ammo. You must also never assume that a gun is unloaded without first inspecting it. This is one of the rules you will learn in gun safety courses in Fitchburg.

Don’t rely too much on the gun’s safety
Just because the gun’s safety is on does not mean you can tease your friends with a loaded gun. You have to remember that your firearm is a mechanical device and just like every other mechanical device, it can become inoperable in the worst possible time. By mistake or malfunction, the safety might be off. You might also end up turning the safety by mistake. The safety is just a supplement to the proper handling of guns. The safety must never be considered a substitute for common sense. Unless you intent to shoot, keep your fingers off the trigger at all times.

Handle the gun with care if it fails to fire
Occasionally, the cartridge may not fire when you pull the trigger. If this ever happens, you have to keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Your face must also be far from the breech. Open the action carefully and unload the gun then dispose of the cartridge. If you tried to shoot and the cartridge did not fire, it can go off at any time. Always remember to watch the muzzle if the cartridge fails to fire.

Wear protection when shooting
Another important thing you need to do is to wear eye and ear protection when firing your gun. Exposure to the noise can easily damage your hearing. Shooting glasses will, on the other hand, guard you against twigs, clay target chips, falling shot and raptured case or any gun malfunction.

These tips will help supplement what you learned in gun safety courses in Fitchburg. The general rule, however, when handling guns is to use common sense and adhere to the laws. For example, you must never alter or modify your firearm in any way and you should always be sure before squeezing the trigger.

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