Gun Safety Courses Sutton – What You Should Know About License to Carry After Completing Gun Safety Courses Sutton

Gun safety courses Sutton are a requirement for anyone planning on carrying a concealed weapon. The firearm laws require that anyone applying for a license to carry Ma to have completed a certified safety course. There are many trainers who offer the courses. Even so, prior to applying for the firearm identification card, there are a couple of things you need to understand.

Types of licenses
In 2014, changes were made in the state of Massachusetts regarding licensing. The law became effective in January of 2015. There are three types of licenses that gun purchasers and owners need to choose from: FID Ma, license to carry and permit to purchase, lease or rent. Each type of license entitles the holder to varying privileges.

  • FID Card

Some people apply for the FID Ma after completing certified gun safety courses Sutton. This license allows you to buy or possess rifles and shotguns which are considered to be ‘large capacity’ weapons. The large capacity weapons include the assault weapons and firearms that can hold over 10 rounds of ammunition or shotguns that can hold over 5 shells. This is either directly or through large capacity feeding devices.

To purchase a handgun or a handgun feeding device, you will be required to provide your FID card as well as the permit to purchase, lease or rent. The permit is issued at the discretion of the licensing authority and is valid for 10 days. The licensing authority can revoke the license at any time and can restrict the capacity and caliber of firearm you can purchase, lease or rent. A copy of the issued permit has to be sent to the commissioner of the Department of Criminal Justice Information Service.

  • License to carry

The license to carry Ma enables you to purchase, lease, rent, borrow, possess as well as carry all types of lawful firearms. This includes both large and the non-large capacity rifles, handguns, shotguns and feeding devices as well as ammunition. Unlike the FID, with the license to carry, you can purchase, lease or rent firearms without having to apply for a permit. There are no limits in the number of firearms you can carry.

Anyone that resides or have a business in the jurisdiction of a city or town police department or anyone residing in the area of exclusive federal jurisdiction that is located in the city or town can submit an application for the FID or the license to carry to the local licensing authority. Temporary licenses can be issued by the colonel of state police to nonresidents in Massachusetts.

These are just a couple of points you need to understand about applying for a license to carry. All in all, to increase your chances of getting the license, you have to complete the gun safety courses Sutton in a reputable institution. The purpose of the gun safety courses is to familiarize you with the gun laws in Massachusetts and also to educate you more on gun safety. You will also learn how to handle your gun.

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