License to carry Woburn – Two Points You Have to Understand when applying for a License to Carry Woburn

Gun safety courses Woburn are just the starting point of applying for a gun license in Massachusetts. You are required to provide a certificate that shows you have completed recognized firearm courses. Failure to do so will lead to automatic disqualification. However, if you are only interested in renewing your license, you don’t have to attend the gun safety classes Woburn again. All that will be required is the license number of your current license.

Standards of issuance
Although every Massachusetts’ resident is eligible for an LTC Woburn, not everyone who applies for the license ends up getting it. There are so many things that are looked at including your mental state and criminal record. Your age will also have a part to play.

One point you have to understand is that the license to carry Woburn is issued at the discretion of the local licensing authority which is the local police department. The chief of police can approve or reject your application. There are certain conditions that will cause you not to qualify for the license. They include the following:

  • Criminal offenses. If you have been adjudicated as a youthful offender or convicted as an adult for a prison time of not less than 2 year, you will not qualify for the LTC. The violation of gun laws will also keep you from qualifying for the license to carry.


  • Mental state. Another thing that is considered is your mental state. You may have completed the gun safety courses Woburn successfully but if you have ever been committed in a mental institution, you may be deemed unqualified. The same goes for persons who are or have been under the treatment or conferment for drug addiction or any habitual drunkenness. If the case no longer applies to you, you will need to attach a letter from your doctor which states that the condition no longer applies.
  • Restraining order. Have you been involved in any domestic violence? Are you subject to a restraining order? If you are, you will definitely not qualify for the license to carry Woburn.


  • Below the age of 21. The LTC is given to persons over the age of 21. This means if you are below this age, you will only qualify for the FID.
  • Outstanding warrant. If there is an outstanding warrant of arrest in any state, you will also not qualify for the license.


Application process
The application needs to be submitted to the local police department. Here, you will be required to fill out a standard application, your fingerprints will be taken and you will also be photographed. An interview may also be required. An application fee of $100 will be required.

Applying for a license to carry Woburn is easy if you understand the procedure, have a good criminal record and have no mental problems. All in all, you have to note that qualifying for the license is not guaranteed. The chief of police is the person who decides on whether you qualify or not.

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