LTC Ma – What Happens when Your LTC Ma is Revoked or Suspended

LTC Ma is issue to any resident who applies for one. However, it is mandatory that every application completes the gun safety courses Massachusetts first. Thereafter, you can send your application to the licensing authority. Even so, you should note that ones you get your license you will not be guaranteed of keeping it indefinitely. For one, both the LTC and FID card Ma are valid for 6 years. Second, there are conditions that may cause you to lose your license. They are related to you breaking the laws. In this post, we shall be looking at crucial points you need to understand.

Revocation information
If your LTC or FID cad Massachusetts is revoked, you should get the revocation or suspension of the license in writing. This document will also state the reason for the suspension or revocation. When your license is revoked or suspended, the licensing authority will take possession of the LTC or FID card. You will get a receipt for the fees paid for the LTC/FID. You should take all the actions that are required by section 129D thereafter.

You cannot delay the suspension or revocations by appeal. The revoked or suspended LTC Ma or FID card will only be reinstated only after the cause for the suspension or revocation is lifted or cleared. If you feel the suspension or revocation was done in error or is unjust, you have up to 90 days to file a petition for the review in your district court. A justice of the court can re-instate the LTC or FID if the court finds that you aren’t prohibited by the law from possessing the FID or LTC.

When taking the Massachusetts gun safety course, you will be informed of all the situations that can cause your FID or gun license Ma to be revoked or suspended. If your license of FID is revoked or suspended, you have to surrender your firearms to the licensing authority in the town or city you live in.

Change of license
According to the Massachusetts general law Chapter 140, section 129B, you have to notify in writing to the licensing authority if you change your address. The notification should be done through certified mail 30 days of occurrence. Failure to do so may cause your LTC or FID card Massachusetts to be revoked or suspended.

These are the crucial points you need to understand about license revocation or suspension. Do not cut corners. Always act within the law to avoid losing your license permanently.