Training Requirements for an LTC or FID Card

LTC Ma is the gun license issued to persons over the age of 21. The FID card, on the other hand, is issued to applicants who are below the age of 21 but over the age of 18. The local police department is the licensing authority and will provide you with all the forms and information regarding the application. One thing you need to understand is that the conditions you need to meet to qualify for a gun license Ma are quite strict. Make sure you understand them before making an application. In this post, however, we will be taking a look at the training requirements.

The Massachusetts gun laws state that anyone interested in applying for a gun license must first complete a recognized Massachusetts gun safety course. This is the first requirement you have to meet when applying for a license. You will need to submit a certificate of gun safety course completion with your gun license application.

Certified firearm safety courses
The gun safety courses Ma cannot be completed with just any instructor. The instructor has to be certified by the Massachusetts Department of State Police. Always check for this certification before taking a course. The gun safety courses are usually a day long. You will be introduced to the gun laws, educated on how to handle a gun and also spend time on the firing range. You will be awarded with a gun safety certificate once you complete the course. If you want advanced training, you can retake the gun safety courses Newton with the same instructor or with certified private companies.

Basic hunter education courses
Your second option is the Basic Hunter Education Courses. These are administered by the Division of Fisheries & Wildlife. They are taught throughout the state of Massachusetts by certified volunteer instructors as well as agency staff. The course covers the recommended guidelines for the new hunters. The course is designed to teach proper safety and ethics when hunting in out in the field. These courses are ideal for persons interested in getting a hunting license or those who want to apply for the FID card Massachusetts.

When applying for a gun license renewal, you will not be required to retake the gun safety courses Ma. You just need to submit your renewal application to the local police department before your current license expires. Both the FID and LTC Ma are valid for 6 years.