Applying for an FID Card in Lynn

If you plan on applying for an FID card in Lynn, you will have to be over the age of 15 and under the age of 21. Persons over the age of 21 apply for the license to carry (LTC). The FID card is valid for 6 years but it is not issued to everyone who submits an application. Your criminal record and mental state can keep you from qualifying for the license. In this post, we will be taking a quick look at the steps you need to take when applying for the license in the Lynn municipality.

Get trained
The first step you need to take is to get trained for a gun license. The gun laws in Massachusetts require every applicant to complete a gun safety course. You can take these courses from private companies or ones offered by the local police department. Contact the police department in Lynn and ask about the upcoming courses. You should then enroll and attend the firearms safety course. The courses include shooting practice and training, understanding parts of a firearm, understanding ammunition, learning about safe storage and security of firearms and a review of the Massachusetts gun laws. You will be awarded with a gun safety certificate at the end of the course.

Fill-out application forms
A request for an FID card Lynn starts with the completion of the Massachusetts Resident LTC/FID/Machine Gun Application form. You can get a copy from your local police department, from the website of the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security or by calling the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security at 617-727-7775. The forms have to be filled accurately. Remember that you will be doing so under oath. Don’t forget to indicate what type of gun license you are applying for. In this case you need to indicate you are applying for the FID card.

Submit the application
After completing the application carefully and clearly, you can go ahead and submit it to the local police department. Remember that the final decision on whether to issue or deny you the gun license rests with the local chief of police in Lynn. You have to submit the application in person and don’t forget to include the original gun safety certificate. The application for an FID card will cost you $100. Follow additional instructions that may be required at the police department such as your fingerprints being taken.

These are the three steps you need to take when applying for an FID card Lynn. You should note that you are not automatically bound to qualify. In case your application is denied, you can appeal it within 90 days. Consult an attorney when it comes to this.