Applying for an FID Card Lowell

If you live in the city of Lowell, you will be required to abide with the gun laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. What this means is that most of the gun license application process is the same throughout the State. However, it pays to learn a couple of things about applying for an FID card Lowell.

Today, if you are interested in applying for a gun license to allow you to carry a firearm in public, you will be required to write an essay that explains why you want to do that. There was a new policy change in Lowell which approved the issuance of four licenses. The policies keep on being updated so it is your job to keep an eye out on the updates. Below are the basic pieces of information you need to understand about applying for the FID card Lowell.

Basic firearms safety course certificate
The first requirement is for the applicant to produce a basic firearms safety course certificate. The Massachusetts gun laws do not allow anyone to be issued with a gun license without first completing a certified gun safety course. The courses are offered by both private companies and the local police departments. They only last a few hours. Failure to produce the gun safety certificate when submitting an application will lead to automatic disqualification.

Form of identification
In addition to completing the application form accurately, applicants are further required to provide a form of identification. This is done to make certain that you are a resident of Massachusetts. The form of identification can be a copy of your driver’s license, your birth certificate or a copy of your passport. You may also be required to provide proof of residence. Any of your monthly bills will do.

Required application fee
Applying for the FID card Lowell is not free. There is an application fee of $100. You will be informed on how to pay the fee when submitting your application. Checks and money orders are accepted.

The local police department is the licensing authority and the chief of police determines whether you qualify or not for the license. After submitting your application, an additional interview might be required and your fingerprints will be taken. The application process includes state and federal background checks and a check with the Department of Mental Health. Once the FID card has been processed, you will be notified by email or telephone. The processing of the license takes up to 60 days.

The FID card Lowell is only issued to persons under the age of 21 but over the age of 15. It is valid for 6 years but it is subject to revocation. If you are over the age of 21, you will need to apply for the LTC (license to carry)