Applying for an FID Card in Manchester, New Hampshire

There are many reasons why you might want to apply for a gun permit. It may be because you need to purchase a gun for self-defense or for a range of other reasons. Whatever the case might be, it is imperative that you follow the right steps when submitting an application. In this post, we will be taking an overview of the crucial information you need to have regarding applying for an FID card Manchester, New Hampshire.

Issuing authority
The first thing you need to know is where to get the application forms and where to submit them. In the state of New Hampshire, the license issuing authority is the New Hampshire State Police. If you are interested in licenses for revolvers or pistols, you need to contact the state police. Contact the local policing ag ency for information on how to apply for the resident pistol or revolver license.

If you are non-resident, it is good to note that New Hampshire does not issue permits. Permits are only issued to the residents of New Hampshire and not the out of State applicants.

Permit validity
Qualifying for the FID card Manchester does not mean you will get to keep it for the rest of your life. The permit has a validity of 4 years. The license will expire at midnight on the anniversary of your date of birth. This is 4 years after the license is issued. You are required to renew your gun license before it expires.

Issuance timeline
After submitting an application for the gun license, you will be issued or denied the license within 14 days. If your application is denied, the reason for the denial will be given to you in writing and delivered to you within 14 days. The denying authority will keep a copy of the reason for denying you the gun license. When this happens, you have the option of appealing the denial within 30 days to the District Court. This has to be done in the jurisdiction you reside, in this case Manchester. The court will hold a hearing within 14 days.

The application fee for the gun license is $10. This is charged for the use of the local law enforcement department. Under special conditions when non-residents are issued with the gun license, the license fee is usually $100. The fee is for the use of the State.

Application requirements
You are required to submit a reason for applying for the FID card Manchester. The reason has to be in line with being a suitable person to be licensed and has good reason to fear injury to person or property. Some good reasons for submitting the application include target shooting, hunting and self-defense.

When can you renew the license?
The license is renewed after expiry. You can also submit a renewal if you changed your name or address, or if you lost or it got damaged.

There is no provision in New Hampshire gun laws regarding machine gun purchase. As a result, federal law is used to control the purchase and registration of such weapons.