Gun License Ma – How Do You Get a Gun License Ma?

Applying for a gun license Ma is not as complicated as you might think. The whole process is pretty straightforward. The only thing you need to understand is that not every person that submits an application for an LTC Ma ends up qualifying. The reason for this is because the license issuance laws in Massachusetts are very strict. Even so, this doesn’t mean you panic. Below are the main things you need to do when applying for a gun license.

Know if you meet the primary requirements
There are certain requirements that an applicant needs to meet in order to qualify for the LTC or FID card Massachusetts. These requirements include the following:

  • Be of the right age. FID card applicants must be over the age of 15 and under the age of 21. Persons under the age of 18 must have parental permission when applying for the FID card Ma. For the LTC, an applicant must be over the age of 21.
  • Good criminal record. Persons convicted of a crime punishable by a prison time of more than 2 years will find it hard to qualify for the license to carry. The case is the same for persons with criminal records relating to domestic violence or the illegal possession or distribution of firearms or ammunition.
  • Good mental health. Have you ever been committed in an institution for drug/alcohol addiction or mental health? If you have, you might not qualify for the gun license Ma unless with an affidavit from your doctor stating the condition no longer affects you.
  • Must be a resident of Massachusetts. Special provisions are available for the non-residents.

If you don’t satisfy all the requirements, it is good to talk to an attorney. A good lawyer will help find the right way forward and help you get the license you need.

Complete a gun safety course
The next thing you have to do is to complete a recognized Massachusetts gun safety course. This is a requirement and you have to attach the gun safety certificate to your application. You can complete gun safety courses Newton by taking courses being offered by private companies or the police departments. The courses only take a few hours.

Get application forms from the local police department
The next step is to fill out the application forms. You will get these forms in your local police department in Massachusetts. Remember that you will be filling the forms under oath so don’t give false information. You must then submit the forms in person to the local police department. An additional interview might be required and your fingerprints will be taken.

These are the simple steps you need to take when applying for an LTC Ma. The chief of police has the final say on whether you qualify or not. You can appeal his decision.

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