Gun License Ma – Important Information to Understand before Applying for Gun License Ma

Gun license Ma can be issued to any resident of Massachusetts. However, for you to quality for the license, it is imperative that you ensure that you meet all the basic requirements. The purpose of this post is to discuss the main things you ought to understand before applying for the LTC or FID card Ma.

Basic requirements
The first thing that every applicant is required to do is to complete a Massachusetts gun safety course. This is offered by both the local police departments and private companies. Although gun safety courses Ma being offered by police departments are the best, they are less comprehensive since they only cover the basics. For advanced courses, you should consider taking your course with an approved private company. The courses here are diverse. At the end of the gun safety courses Massachusetts, you will be awarded a certificate. This has to be provided with your application for an FID or LTC.

Another requirement is for your criminal record to be good. It doesn’t have to be sparkling clean. However, if you have ever been found guilty of an offense punishable by a prison time of more than 2 years, you might not qualify for the LTC Ma. The same goes for persons involved in domestic violence and crimes involving the illegal possession, sale or distribution of firearms or ammunition.

Third, you have to be of sound mind. The laws of Massachusetts clearly state that no one with any mental problem will be awarded with an LTC or FID card Massachusetts. If you have ever been committed in an institution for mental health or addiction, you will have to provide a written letter from your doctor that shows the condition no longer affects you.

Issuing authority
Upon completing the required gun safety courses Ma, the next thing you are required to do is to get the necessary application forms and fill them clearly and accurately. You can get the forms from the local police department. Once they are completed, you have to submit them in person back to the local police department. At this time, your fingerprints will be taken and more questions may be asked. The police chief or the state police is the issuing authority. Even if you may satisfy the basic requirements, the police chief is the one who determines whether you qualify for the license or not.

Cost and processing time
After you submit your application, you will have to pay $100. This is the processing fee. The FID and the LTC Ma is valid for 6 years or until you attain the age of 21 if you possess the FID card Massachusetts. Non-residents are charged $100 per year. The fee for the temporary license is also $100. It typically takes 40 days from the time you submit your application to the time it is approved. If you are denied, you have 90 days to petition the district court review.

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