LTC Fitchburg – How to Write a Letter to the Police Chief

LTC Fitchburg is issued to any Massachusetts resident who is over the age of 21. However, it is important to note that there are several considerations that are made to determine whether an applicant qualifies for the license or not. When it comes to the application of the license to carry Fitchburg, you may be required to write a letter to the police chief. This is more so if you don’t satisfy all the required fields. The letter to the chief is meant to give the chief a good reason for issuance. Non-residents may also need to write this letter to the chief of police.

Writing a letter is never easy. This is especially so if your chances of qualifying depend on it. You can write the letter when applying for a new license or when you want to renew your existing license. All in all, knowing what to write about is not easy. The good news is that there are several resources you can use. Although there are no formats that will work across all states, in every state, including Massachusetts, there are three main things that the letter should address.

Reason for wanting the license
Completing the gun safety courses Fitchburg is not enough. You should have a good reason why you want to apply for the LTC. When writing the letter to the chief of police, you can start with an opening phrase like ‘reason to fear injury to your property or person’. You should then proceed by explaining why you have that fear. That phrase is the only one mentioned directly in the law in Chapter 140, section 131.

Facts testifying to your stable character
If you have been reading about the requirements for applying for a license to carry Fitchburg, you may have learnt that your criminal record and mental state are some of the things that are considered. Anybody can complete the gun safety classes Fitchburg but completing the courses doesn’t mean you are a good fit for the LTC. This is why your criminal record and mental state will have to be examined.

When writing the letter to the chief of police, you need to give facts that testify to your stability of character. If you have ever been committed to a mental institution, you have to attach a letter from your doctor that states that the condition no longer affects you. You should also give such information as how long you have lived in the town, your clean criminal record and perhaps your participations in community service.

Experience handling firearms
Another thing you will have to do is to let the police chief that you are good with guns. Start by attaching the certificate you received after completing the gun safety courses Fitchburg. You have to detail the training you have had or the training you plan on take. If you have participated in firearm competitions, don’t forget to mention them.

These are the three main points you should discuss in your letter to the police chief. When a police chief requests a letter, you should know that they are only looking for a reassurance that you will not embarrass him.

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