Gun License Ma – What Can Cause Your Gun License Ma to be revoked

Gun license Ma is issued to the residents of Massachusetts who apply for it. However, it is good to note that not everyone who makes the application qualifies. A number of things are considered including your age, mental state and criminal record. If you plan on applying for the license, you need first to complete a recognized Massachusetts gun safety course and then consider the key requirements that are required by law. In this post we will not be looking at these requirements but the conditions that can cause you to lose your gun license.

Any sort of indictment
Being arrested for any offense can cause you to lose your LTC or FID card Massachusetts. The reason for this is because gun owners are required to have a good criminal record. If you are arrested for something as simple as a minor traffic offense, you risk losing your gun license. In whatever you do, once you get your LTC Ma, you must do everything humanly possible never to in a situation where you are driving under the influence. Being arrested for DUI/DWI is the easiest way of losing your gun license. What is worse is that once you lose your license, chances of ever qualifying for the license will be close to nil.

Domestic assort or violence
A firearm is a very dangerous weapon which has to be treated with great care. As a result of this, anyone involved in domestic assault or violence will lose their license. This is done to reduce the risk of you using your firearm in self-defense. You must also never bring your gun to a bar and be involved in a fight as that will cost you your license.

Court ruling of mental incompetency
Even after completing gun safety courses Newton successfully, your mental state has to be considered prior to determining if you are a good candidate for the gun license Ma. If you are found to be mentally incompetent by a court or mental institution, you will lose your license.

Renouncing U.S. citizenship
In the gun safety courses Ma you will learn that the gun license is issued to the residents of Massachusetts. What this means is that if you renounce your citizenship, you will lose your license too.

Living with a convicted felon
If you are living in the same home as a convicted felon, you will lose your license.

There are more conditions that can cost you your LTC Ma. You can ask for more information from your trainer when retaking the gun safety courses Newton.

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