How Do You Transport Your Firearm to Avoid Losing The Fid Card in Lowell?

The easiest way to get your FID card Lowell suspended or revoked is by mishandling your gun. This is more so when transport firearms. How you transport a firearm will depend on whether you own large or non-large capacity firearms. The laws of Massachusetts state that for the transport of non-large capacity rifles and shotguns you don’t need to lock them away in a case. This is provided that they are unloaded. You will also not be able to transport just any type of firearm if you have the FID card. The transport of the large capacity firearms require that you have an LTC (license to carry).

If you possess the FID card Lowell and are found transporting handguns, you might end up losing your FID card. The reason for this is because you need the LTC in order to possess, purchase and transport handguns. The LTC holders can carry loaded or unloaded handguns on their person or in their vehicle. The gun has to be under his direct control. If the gun is not under his control, it must be stored in a locked trunk or locked case.

Large-capacity rifles and shotguns
FID card holders are not permitted to own or transport these firearms. Being found in possession of this can cause you to have your license suspended or even revoked. The transportation of the large capacity shotguns or rifles has to be done by an LTC holder. These weapons must be transported in locked trunks, locked cases or in secure containers. You cannot just lock the large capacity firearm with a trigger lock. It needs to be in a locked case, trunk or any other container.

Non-large capacity rifles and shotguns
You are permitted to transport these firearms if you are the holder of an FID card Lowell. These firearms can also be transported by the LTC holders. Prior to transporting these guns, make sure they are unloaded. You don’t need to place them in locked trunks, cases or other containers. The Black Powder and Muzzleloading arms also need to be unloaded prior to being transported. You can still use locking cases when transporting the non-large capacity shotguns and rifles.

The laws of transporting firearms in Lowell can be a bit confusing. It is good to keep refreshing your understanding of the gun laws in order to avoid getting your FID card Lowell suspended or revoked. You can also ask for more information on how to transport your firearm at the local police station in Lowell.