License to Carry Ma – What is needed for you to Qualify for a License to Carry Ma?

License to carry Ma is a requirement for anyone who is interested in carrying a concealed weapon. Although any resident of Massachusetts can qualify for the license, not everyone who makes an application qualifies. It is important for you to understand the qualification requirements when applying for a license to carry Fitchburg. Below are some of the key things that are needed from every applicant.

Gun safety certificate
When sending your application for an LTC Ma, you will always be required to provide a certificate that proves that you have completed the required gun safety course. Gun safety courses Fitchburg are a requirement for anyone planning on applying for either the LTC or the FID Ma. The Massachusetts laws dictate that every applicant completes the necessary training from a recognized institution. The good news is that most of these courses, especially those offered by the local police departments only last a few hours. You will be required to attach a copy of your gun safety certificate to your application form. Failure to do so will mean an automatic disqualification. However, the copy is not required when renewing your FID or LTC.

Clean criminal record
The second thing that is needed is a clean criminal record. This does not need to absolutely clean. However, there are certain offenses that will keep you from qualifying for the gun license even after completing the Massachusetts gun safety course successfully. More often than not, criminal charges that attract a prison time of not less than 2 years and those involving domestic violence will keep you from getting a license to carry Fitchburg. If you have ever been convicted, it is wise to speak to an attorney so that you can evaluate your options early enough.

Be of sound mind
Your mental state will also matter when applying for the LTC Ma. If you have ever been committed in an institution for mental health, you might not get the license to carry. This is unless your doctor at the time writes a letter saying that the condition no longer exists. Persons who have ever been addicted to any substance or alcohol will also not be able to qualify for the LTC or FID Ma. It is imperative that you be of sound mind in order for you to qualify for the license.

Be of the right age
Last but not least, you have to be of the right age. To qualify for the gun license Ma, you must be over the age of 21. For the FID, the applicants need to be over the age of 18 or be over 15 years of age but with parental permission.

These are the key requirements that are needed for anyone who plans on applying for the license to carry Fitchburg. It is a good idea to make sure that you understand all the requirements before you make your first application. It is also important to note that there is a service fee of $100 needed for either the FID or LTC Ma.

License to carry Ma