License to Carry Ma – Where to Go When Applying for a License to Carry Ma

Gun safety courses Ma are designed to improve gun safety. The courses will educate you on how to handle a gun, how to store one, how to fire, how to use it in self-defense and they will also familiarize you with the gun laws. However, completing the Massachusetts gun safety course is not the only thing you need to do if you need an FID Ma or LTC. If you are applying for an LTC Sutton, below are the key places you need to go.

Executive office of public safety and security
Your first stop needs to be with the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. You can do so by calling their offices via 617-727-7775 or by visiting their website through When you make the call, you can request for the necessary application forms to be send to you via mail. If you are visiting the website, proceed to the Firearms Registration and Laws then select the Approved Basic Firearms Safety Course. You can also download the application forms directly from the website.

The importance of visiting this website is that here is where you will get more information on applying for a license to carry Ma. It is also here that you will be able to download the forms needed for applying for an LTC Ma. What is more is that if you have not yet completed the gun safety courses Ma, the website will give you a complete list of approved courses in Massachusetts.

Local police department
Once you have completed the Massachusetts gun safety course, you need to fill the required fields accurately then submit the forms to the local police department. You have to do this because the final answer on whether you will get the license to carry Ma or not rests with the chief of police. The completed forms need to be submitted to the local police station. At the police station, your fingerprints may be taken and you may be required to provide additional information. You will also need to pay a fee of $100. This is the standard fee for the application of an FID Ma or LTC.

Away from submitting necessary application forms, you can get answers to your questions regarding the gun license from the local police department. You will also be able to request for the gun license application forms from here and even ask for advice on approved gun safety courses in the region.

These are basically the two major stops you will have to make when applying for a license to carry Ma. Other stops you may need to make include your doctor’s office. This is more so if you have ever been committed for mental health issues. The doctor will need to give you a letter that confirms that the mental issue no longer exists. Second, you may need to make a stop at your attorney’s office. This is more so if you have been denied a license before of your recent criminal record. The attorney can find loops that help you qualify for the license.

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