LTC Ma – Things You Need to Know About Applying for an LTC Ma

LTC Ma will help you purchase, possess and carry a concealed weapon. The license is issued to the Massachusetts residents. There are also special provisions for the non-residents as well as aliens. However, before you make up your mind to start applying for the gun license Ma, there are a couple of things you will have to do. Below are some of the important points you need to understand about Massachusetts gun laws.

Gun safety certificate is required
When applying for the LTC or FID Ma, it is required for each applicant to have completed approved gun safety courses Ma. These courses are designed to educate you on the gun laws and teach you how to handle a firearm. It is required by law for each applicant to provide a certificate that shows they completed a Massachusetts gun safety course. Failure to present this certificate will mean automatic disqualification. The gun safety courses Newton are offered by both the local police departments and private companies.

The chief of police is the issuing authority
The issuing authority in Massachusetts is the chief of police. Massachusetts is may issue state. This means even after meeting all the requirements you may still not get the license. The chief of police determines the suitability of an applicant to qualify for a license. If your application is denied, you will get a written application which explains why your application was denied. The denial is subject to appeal.

There is a fee
Applying for the LTC or FID card Massachusetts is not free. There is a fee of $100 that is required. Your local police department will let you know how you are supposed to pay the fee.

A background check is a must
In determining the suitability of an applicant, a background check is always done. The application forms need to be submitted at the local police department in person. This is because you may be required to answer a few more questions. Your fingerprints will also be taken. A background check is then done to understand your criminal record as well as your mental state. Always remember that you are filling the application forms under oath. Don’t give false information as that will land you in trouble.

Not everyone qualifies
As aforementioned, the chief of police reserves the right to approve or deny an application. The best you can do is to ensure that you provide all the information that is needed. If your application is denied, know why it was denied before filing an appeal.

Licenses are valid for 6 years
Last but not least, the gun license Ma is valid for 6 years. This goes for both the FID and the LTC. When renewing your license, there is no need to retake the Massachusetts gun safety course. You will just need to provide your current license number.