What can Keep You from Qualifying for an FID card in Boston?

The application process for an FID card Boston starts with a call to the Boston police licensing unit. You need to do this to schedule an appointment. Appointments can only be made on a week day. On the day of the appointment, you are required to report to the Licensing Unit with the required documents. The required documents include the following:

  • Firearm safety certificate or a hunting safety course certificate
  • Birth certificate, certificate of citizenship or a US passport
  • Massachusetts driver’s license or a Mass ID card that has an address in Boston.
  • Permanent resident alien card where applicable
  • Naturalization papers where applicable

You are required to qualify at the Boston Police Department Firearms Range at the Moon Island within 2 weeks from the date of submitting your application. The FID card Boston is issued to persons over the age of 15. All in all, it is good to note that not everyone that submits an application qualifies. There are a number of things that can keep you from qualifying for the gun license.

Felony conviction
When applying for an FID card Boston, your fingerprints will be taken. These are used to run a state and national background check. If you have ever been convicted of any crime punishable by a prison time of more than 2 years, you will not qualify. You will have to wait up to 5 years from the time of your release in order to qualify. There are other crimes that will burr you from qualifying:

  • Misdemeanor convictions punishable with a prison time of more than 2 years
  • Misdemeanor conviction involving domestic violence
  • Conviction of violent crimes
  • Violation of gun laws
  • Violation of any drug laws

In addition to convictions, if you are subject of an MGL 209A order or outstanding arrest warrant you will also not qualify for the license.

History of mental illness
Have you ever been committed in an institution for mental illness? If you have, your chances of qualifying for the FID card will be reduced significantly. This is unless you provide a signed affidavit from your doctor that states the condition no longer affects you. A gun license in Massachusetts is not issued to someone with mental health issues.

Drug addiction or alcoholism
Last but not least, if you have been committed in an institution for drug abuse or drunkenness, you will not qualify for the FID card. You will need a signed affidavit from your doctor that states the condition no longer affects you.

The above are the three main things that will keep you from qualifying for an FID card Boston. Make sure you understand your eligibility before going through with the application. All in all, even after satisfying all the required fields, your application might still be rejected. The decision to issue or deny an application rests with the chief of police.