Which Situations can Cause You to Lose Your FID card in Cambridge?

Applying for an FID card Cambridge is the simple part. Making sure you don’t lose that license is the hardest part. There are so many stringent gun laws in Massachusetts that you have to adhere to else you will lose the license. In this post, we shall focus on the main situations that can cause you to lose your FID card before its expiry date.

Improper firearm transportation
The first thing you will learn in gun safety courses is how to handle a firearm. An important point you might miss is that on how to properly transport your firearm. To start with, you need to note that as the holder of an FID card Cambridge, you are only allowed to transport non-large capacity rifles and shotguns. If found transporting handguns and large capacity firearms, you will risk getting your license suspended or revoked.

While transporting firearms, you have to make sure that they are unloaded. You don’t need to lock them in trunks or cases.

Conviction of a crime
Another situation that will cost you your FID card is being convicted of a new crime. If you are familiar with the application requirements for an LTC or FID card, you know that having a good criminal record is one of the requirements. Being convicted of crimes punishable by imprisonment for a period of more than 2 years will cause you to lose the gun license. The following crimes will cause you to lose your gun license:

  • Felony conviction
  • Misdemeanor punishable with a prison time of more than 2 years
  • Conviction of any violent crime
  • Misdemeanor conviction that involves domestic violence
  • Violation of gun laws
  • Violation of drug laws
  • Subject of an arrest warrant

Mental health issues
If your mental state changes, you might lose your FID card Cambridge. A gun license in Massachusetts is not issued to person with mental health problems. If you have ever been committed in an institution for mental health, during an application for the FID card, you must provide a signed affidavit from your doctor stating the condition no longer applies. If your mental health changes or you start abusing drugs or alcohol, your gun license will be revoked.

Improper gun handling
Last but not least, improper gun handling will cost you your FID card in Cambridge. There are many ways you can mishandle your firearm. Some of them include:

  • Drawing your gun in a public place
  • Threatening people with a gun to have your way
  • Walking into a bar with a gun
  • Being drunk while the firearm is on you

There are many more situations that can cause you to lose your gun license. Most of them require the use of logic. If you need any clarifications, visit the local police department; this is the licensing authority and they will answer all your questions.