Applying for an FID Card Nashua

If you want to apply for an FID card Nashua, it is good to note that you will be required to adhere to the New Hampshire gun laws. These laws are considered to be quite liberal. The unique thing about these laws is their looseness. You don’t need a license or permit to possess or purchase a rifle or handgun. The restrictions come in when you want to carry a concealed gun. It is considered illegal in Nashua to carry a loaded handgun that is concealed on oneself or in your vehicle. It is considered legal in New Hampshire to openly carry an unloaded handgun or to lock it in your truck or the compartment in your car. Enough said let us learn a little about applying for an FID card in Nashua.

Issuing authority
When you want to apply for an FID card Nashua, you need to contact your local police department. However, if you are a non-resident and are interested in a revolver or a pistol license, you will need to contact the New Hampshire state police. The police department will educate you on the application requirements. It is good to note that in New Hampshire you will be issued with a permit if you are from out-of-state. However, you have to be a U.S. citizen.

Permit validity
The gun license does not last forever. It is valid for 4 years upon which you are required to apply for a renewal. The license expires at midnight on the anniversary of the holder’s date of birth. You are required to apply for a renewal before your license expires.

Permit issuance timeline
Once you submit your application for an FID card Nashua, you will be issued or denied within 14 days. If you are denied, reason for the denial will be stated in writing and delivered to you within 14 days. The denying authority will retain a copy of the reason for denying you. You can appeal the denial within 30 days. You submit an appeal to the District Court in Nashua. The court will hold a hearing within 14 days.

There is a small fee you have to pay when applying for the gun license. The fee for the residents is $10. This covers the cost of using the local law enforcement department. Nonresidents pay a fee of $100 for the use of State resources.

To qualify for the gun license, you must prove to be a person with a good reason for applying for the license. Your reason can be a legitimate reason for fearing for injury to yourself or property. Target shooting, self-defense and hunting are also considered to be good reasons.