Applying for an FID Card Warwick

If you live in the town of Warwick in Franklin County, Massachusetts and plan on applying for an FID card, there are a couple of things you need to know. The primary requirements for applying for the FID card Warwick is to first complete a recognized gun safety course. In addition to that, there are several things you need to qualify. Here are some of the main things that might disqualify you from getting a gun license in Massachusetts.

The FID card Warwick is only issued to persons over the age of 15 and under the age of 21. If you are under the age of 18, you will be required to have written consent from your parent or guardian. Persons over the age of 21 can only apply for the LTC. Upon attaining the age of 21, you can upgrade from the FID card to the LTC. It is good to note that the FID card is valid for 6 years.

Convicted felon
Your criminal record will be considered when applying for a gun license. That is why when applying for a gun license your fingerprints will be taken. These are required for a background check. If you have ever been convicted of a crime punishable by a prison time of more than two years, you might not qualify for the license. You should consider consulting with an attorney to evaluate your options.

Restraining order
Another thing that can keep you from qualifying for the gun license is if you are a subject of a restraining order. The restraining order doesn’t have to be for Massachusetts but for any state. You should strive to have the restraining order lifted before applying for the FID card.

Deemed mentally defective
If you have ever been committed in a mental institution, you will need a signed affidavit from your attending doctor that states the condition no longer applies to you. Failure to do so will lead to automatic disqualification. The case is the same if you have ever been committed in an institution for drug abuse or alcoholism.

Dishonorable discharge
If you were discharged from the military under other than honorable conditions, your chances of qualifying for the FID card Warwick will be small.

Outstanding arrest warrant
Arrest warrants in any state will keep you from qualifying for the FID card.

Considered to be non-suitable person
Even after meeting all the primary requirements, you might still be considered to be an unsuitable person for the gun license. The chief of police reserves the right to issue or deny you the license to carry.