Gun safety courses Fitchburg – Gun Handling Rules You Should Follow after Completing Gun Safety Course Fitchburg

Gun safety courses Fitchburg are a requirement for anyone who wishes to apply for an LTC Ma. The courses will teach you how to handle a firearm, how to clean and store it as well as familiarize you with the gun laws in Massachusetts. It is imperative that you provide the certificate you get after completing the courses in your LTC or FID Ma application. Even so, completing the gun safety course is not the only thing you need. There are a number of rules you have to follow once you get the license to carry Ma.

Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction
Although most guns come with a safety knob which helps prevent accidental firing, it is imperative that when handling your firearm you always point the muzzle in a safe direction. This is something you should do even if the gun is not loaded. Making this a habit will help increase gun safety.

Unload the firearm when not in use
Always unloading the gun when not in use is one of the things you will learn in the gun safety courses Fitchburg. You have to unload your gun as soon as you are done using it. Never put a loaded gun in the car, truck or building. You should then secure the ammunition in a safe place. The gun and the ammunition should be stored separately at all times.

Don’t rely too much on the safety
The gun’s safety is a mechanic feature. This simply means that it can fail when you least expect. The safety simply serves as a supplement to proper gun handling. It should never be used as a substitute for common sense. Never handle a loaded gun careless simply because the safety is on. Your fingers must always be kept off the trigger. Firing the firearm accidentally in the wrong place, even if the safety failed, can lead to severe consequences which might even cause you to lose your firearm license Ma. Regardless of the position of the safety, never put your hand on the trigger unless you are ready to fire.

Be sure of your target and what lies beyond
Another important thing you need to do is to always be sure of your target before firing. For example, you must never pull the trigger if there is someone standing behind the target. Always make sure that the target will stop the bullet before firing. Always remember that you cannot call a shot back. Once you fire your gun, you have absolutely no control over the bullet. You have to exercise caution before you even fire your gun.

These are some of the many rules you need to follow when handling a firearm. To learn more about gun handling, consider taking additional Massachusetts gun safety courses. There are many trainers offering advanced courses. You should also take time to brush up on your understanding of the gun laws in Massachusetts.  The more you know about gun handling and the gun laws, the safer you will be.

Gun safety courses Fitchburg