Gun safety courses Newtown – What are the Requirements of qualifying for a Gun License Ma?

Gun safety courses Newtown are designed to increase gun safety in the state. Although the courses only last a few hours, they will teach you how to handle a gun, how to clean it, how to store it as well as familiarize you with the gun laws in Massachusetts. But completing these courses is not the only thing you need to qualify for a gun license. Below are the key requirements you will have to satisfy if you wish to get a license to carry Ma.

Be over 21 years
Anybody who is interested in taking gun safety courses Newtown can do so. Kids as young as 15 years can take these courses but with permission from their parent or guardian. Thereafter, all they can get is an FID Ma. To qualify for the LTC Ma, it is a requirement that you be over the age of 21 years. You must also be a citizen of the United States. Non-residents can still qualify for a license to carry Newtown but with special consideration.

Complete gun safety course
The second thing that is needed for you to qualify for a gun license Ma is a certificate from a certified gun trainer. It is mandatory in Massachusetts for any person applying for a gun license to have successfully completed gun safety courses Newtown. At the end of these courses, you will be awarded with a certificate. You have to attach this certificate to your application when applying for an FID or an LTC. Failure to do so will mean automatic disqualification.

Have no criminal record
Your criminal record will have a part to play. You should remember that the approval or denial for you to get a gun license rests with the chief of police. Although your criminal record does not necessarily have to be absolutely clean, there are certain crimes that will burr you permanently from ever getting a gun license. If any of the crimes listed below apply to you, chances are you will not qualify for the license to carry Ma.

  • Felony
  • Misdemeanor that is punishable by imprisonment of over 2 years
  • Violent crime
  • Crimes that relate to the possession, distribution or sale of guns or ammunition
  • Crimes relating to the use of controlled substances
  • Misdemeanor crimes that involve domestic violence

Be of good mental health
Even after successfully completing the Massachusetts gun safety course, you will not get a gun license if you have ever been committed to hospital for any mental illness, substance or alcohol abuse. The same goes for anyone who has had a guardian appointed on the basis of any mental incapacity. However, there are certain exceptions. This happens if the applicant can provide a doctor’s findings that attest that his condition no longer applies at the time of making an application.

As you can see, completing the gun safety courses Newtown is not the only thing you need to do. Satisfying all these requirements is the key to helping you qualify for your desired gun license in Massachusetts.

Gun safety courses Newtown